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    Boonie Rescue: Save the Cute Pet in MSP

    Boonie Rescue: Save the Cute Pet in MSP


    A lot of people start looking for more MovieStarPlanet news. But, it seems like most of the players focus of the main game where we have to deal with the avatar and their fashion, including watching some YouTube videos. Now, you have to try the MSP Boonie Rescue.

    What is Boonie rescue?

    For any Movie Star Planet or MSP lovers, Boonies must be familiar. Yes, it is the name of the cutest pet in the game. A lot of gamer seem to be fall in love with the cuteness of Boonies. The MovieStarPlanet Boonie Rescue comes as another Movie Star Planet game with the Boonies as the main characters of the game. The game comes with some levels with different challenges and advantures.

    The story

    The best part about MSP Boonie rescue is its story line. If the MSP comes with movie as the main theme where we can interact with a lot of people, the Boonie Rescue comes as the more adventurous game. Every level comes with different background. You will be taken to enjoy the nature of the Earth up to the outer space. You have to save the Boonies in every level with different challenge and setting.

    It is connected to the Movie Star Planet

    Though the Boonie Rescue seems like a different game, it is actually connected to the real Movie Star Planet game. In every level of the Boonie Rescue you have to face some challenges. Every challenge comes with special gift such as diamonds and star coins that can be used to play the MSP. It means, this game can be a helpful game to get more stuffs for free in MSP. Yes, you do not have to pay for every stuff you get from the Boonie Rescue.

    There are some other Boonie games

    What if we get bored on playing the Boonie Rescue? You do not have to worry about it. The Boonies are actually the savior of your MSP avatar. There are some other Boone games available. For example, you can play the Boonie Bounce that is just as cute as the Boonie Rescue. The Boonie games are great games for you who love playing games alone. Different from the MovieStarPlanet where you have to play together with your friends, the Boonie games can be great escapes to play the games alone. For you who love playing Movie Star Planet, the MSP Boonie rescue and the other Boonie games should be part of your game.

    How to get 10 starcoins on Boonie Rescue

    Easy Tips to Play Movie Star Planet

    Easy Tips to Play Movie Star Planet

    There maybe too many MovieStarPlanet tips available online. You do not need all those tips. You just need the easiest tips to not enjoy the game as well as to compete with the other gamer. One of the best and easiest tips to play MSP is to fashion up your avatar.

    Make the best avatar

    The first thing you have to really pay attention is to create the most attractive avatar ever. You need to choose a perfect avatar that is pretty. Though you can actually choose the fashion like the clothes or accessories for the avatar, it would be much better if you design your own style. It will make your avatar different and more attractive.

    Make friends

    Different from the other online games where you should really compete with the other gamer, the MovieStarPlanet is more kind of a game where you can make friends. So, you have to be nice to people in the game. The more friends you make in the game, the more exciting the game would be. When you are being too competitive, your friends maybe leave the game and it would be a boring game eventually. It would also be so nice if you are being helpful. It maybe not a popular tip, but it is the easy MovieStarPlanet tips to enjoy the game.

    Be a VIP member

    The more we play, the better skill we have. Though Movie Star Planet seems to be a simple mini game, this game actually requires you to exercise your skill especially in improving the room decoration and fashion. Unfortunately, it is a little bit difficult to keep playing since some features are locked. The easiest way to unlocked the features is to be a VIP member. To make a VIP membership you should purchase the VIP membership with real money. Or, you can also try to find the MovieStarPlanet Cheats to get the VIP membership for free. Both the types of VIP members would allow you special access to all features. For example, with the VIP membership you can get more clothes, fashion items, and room decorations.

    MovieStarPlanet VIP membership

    Lastly, you should enjoy the game. Most people found that the game is quite trivial at the first time, but when they start enjoying the MSP, it becomes really addictive. Do not forget to always check your device before playing. Some MovieStarPlanet tips cannot be applied to some old operating systems.

    How To Get Starcoins and Diamonds for Free

    How To Get Starcoins and Diamonds for Free

    Moviestarplanet Starcoins and DiamondAre you a crazy MovieStarPlanet player? You should look for some MSP tricks to get free starcoins and diamonds. It is a must for any MSP player to gain more starcoins and diamonds to purchase stuffs. Unfortunately, the game requires us to purchase a VIP membership with real money to get more diamonds and starcoins. There are a lot of online stores offers the VIP memberships. But, what if we want the membership without spending money? The answer is the MSP hack.

    Look for the MSP hack tutorial

    The first thing you have to do to get free starcoins and diamonds on Movie Star in Planet is to look for the hack tutorial. It is actions are actually pretty tricky. You just need to start with the Get Started button in the game. All you need to do is just to complete only the step 2 of the Authentication Process that will be appear on your screen automatically. Then, you are already in the MSP hack tools. Just look for the MovieStarPlanet membership span and resources. In this step, you need to look for the “Generate” button. Click the button, then you can enter the amount of starcoins and diamons you want to play the game. After completing these steps, you would have a VIP membership for free. To get the benefits, you have to login in with your new VIP membership.

    Learn the VIP features

    As you know are playing with VIP membership some new features will appear on the screen. The features are known as the VIP hack tools. If the hack tools do not appear, you maybe currently playing an old version of MSP. On the hack tools, you will find the SharpDownloads. It is the additional feature that would upgrade your game and link your account to the MSP Hack. It is the most important MSP trick. Through this feature you will get a lot of free star coins and diamonds.

    What you get

    Then, what will we get from the VIP membership? Of course, first we will get some free star coins and diamonds. So, we can purchase clothes and decoration for our avatar. In addition, we will also get a regular update to our systems. We will be informed about any malfunctions and errors at anytime. Some additional privileges also comes. We will get free star coins every 2 AM every day. That is why we should learn about the MSP VIP tricks.

    How To Make The MovieStarPlanet Hack Works

    How To Make The MovieStarPlanet Hack Works

    Moviestarplanet Guides

    You need more than a MovieStarPlanet guide to win the game. The Movie Star Planet is a popular game where a lot of people join and compete to win the game. You have to learn about the MovieStarPlanet (MSP) hack. In fact, a lot of people have already known about the hack, but not all of them know how to make it works. There are some guide to make the MSP hack works well.

    Make the MSP hack work

    Basically, there are at least 6 steps you have to follow to make your MSP hack works well. First, you have to find the Get Started button. You just need to click the button to find the access to the hack tool. Then, you have to complete the Authentication process. Second, after completing the Step 2 of Authentication Process, you have to proceed further. Third, you have to make sure that you are arrived on the basic MSP hack tool. Fourth, you have to enter some amount of resources and MovieStarPlanet membership length. In this case, you can enter any amount you want. Fifth, you just need to click “Generate”. Just wait for a moment until the MSP VIP hack process appears on your screen. The last step, you just need to login with your gadgets or other devices such as PC to access the premium membership.

    Knowing the features

    You may still need to look for some MovieStarPlanet guide especially the guide that helps you understand the features that comes with the moviestarplanet VIP hack tools. There are several features that only appear on the new version of the game. One of the main feature that should be known is the come to provide you easy access to download additional features of the game. With this features, we can get additional features. You can also get unlimited StarCoins to buy some features to support the game.

    To make sure that your MSP VIP tool works well, you should always check its regular update. The VIP hack would send you the regular updates to prevents error in your system. The hack tools would go well with various kind of devices such as Windows PC, MAC, iOS, and Android. It means you can always the regular updates to your devices. The system would also send you an extra StarCoin at 2 AM every day. Indeed, looking for some MovieStarPlanet guide to make the hack work is a great decision to win the game.

    MovieStarPlanet for iPhone tips

    MovieStarPlanet for iPhone tips

    moviestarplanet for iphone

    Have you ever tried MovieStarPlanet? You have to try the MovieStarPlanet for iPhone. Movie Star Planet is an online game that allows you to be famous and rich. Let’s meet a lot of people and have fun with this game.

    About the game

    To play Movie Star Planet, you should know about this game well. Basically, this game is created to give you a virtual place where you can create movies and appear with a great avatar you want. Different from the other game with similar features, the MovieStarPlanet allows us to choose any avatar to start the game. You are also allowed to design your own clothes and create amazing art. In this game you can also meet the cutest pet, Boonies.

    Knowing the updates

    To play the MovieStarPlanet for iPhone, you should also know the daily updates of the game. There are several updates you should check every day, such as the room decoration, taking care of your pet, cloth designs, and watching some Youtube Videos.

    With regular updates, there is always some news on MovieStarPlanet. Here are some cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet:

    • Make new friends and CHAT in chat rooms
    • Your own room in
    • Care for your pet
    • Design Looks, Artbooks & Movies
    • Design your own clothing
    • View YouTube Videos
    • Play games

    Install it on your iPhone

    So, how to install the Movie Star Planet on your iPhone? There are several things you should consider. First, check out your iPhone. You have to make sure that your iPhone comes with at least operating system or OS 5.1.1. If your iPhone has later OS than 5.1.1 you should update your iPhone first. After that, you should also make sure that your iPhone is able to hold 98.6 MB for the application. You might have to delete some applications to provide extra memories if it is needed.

    Second, choose the latest game version. In fact, there are more than one versions. It is suggested for you to choose the 19.3 version. It is the latest version of the MoviStarPlanet. In this version, the main features has been improved. This newest version also comes with more attractive chatting features. With the 19.3 Movie Star Planet you can easily join the chatting room while playing the game.

    Third, choose the best language. Most people would automatically choose English as the language of the game. In fact, the game allows you to choose several languages such as English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and even the Traditional Chinese. By choosing the right language, it will be easier for you to learn the game and to make friends. The MovieStarPlanet for iPhone is not only an online game, it is also a great place to make friends.

    Download MovieStarPlanet games on iPhone and Android

    The boys and girls who demonstrate a great deal of creativity can unveil their talents to their community by making movies and sharing them. These are the most popular productions that will be rewarded with StarCoins, the currency of MovieStarPlanet. A guide to using allows every young surfer to understand the rules of the game, to immerse themselves in the social world in a few minutes, and start communicating with other boys and girls on the site.

    The game has the advantage of being free and accessible to all children, however participants can pay a certain amount to evolve more quickly in the game or take advantage of additional features.
    Moderators control the content and users on the platform, in order to ensure the smooth running of the game. MovieStarPlanet is playable on PC, and downloadable on the App Store and Play Store.

    Download for iPhone:

    msp for iphone

    Download for iPad:

    msp for ipad

    Download for Android:

    msp for android