Boonie Rescue: Save the Cute Pet in MSP



A lot of people start looking for more MovieStarPlanet news. But, it seems like most of the players focus of the main game where we have to deal with the avatar and their fashion, including watching some YouTube videos. Now, you have to try the MSP Boonie Rescue.

What is Boonie rescue?

For any Movie Star Planet or MSP lovers, Boonies must be familiar. Yes, it is the name of the cutest pet in the game. A lot of gamer seem to be fall in love with the cuteness of Boonies. The MovieStarPlanet Boonie Rescue comes as another Movie Star Planet game with the Boonies as the main characters of the game. The game comes with some levels with different challenges and advantures.

The story

The best part about MSP Boonie rescue is its story line. If the MSP comes with movie as the main theme where we can interact with a lot of people, the Boonie Rescue comes as the more adventurous game. Every level comes with different background. You will be taken to enjoy the nature of the Earth up to the outer space. You have to save the Boonies in every level with different challenge and setting.

It is connected to the Movie Star Planet

Though the Boonie Rescue seems like a different game, it is actually connected to the real Movie Star Planet game. In every level of the Boonie Rescue you have to face some challenges. Every challenge comes with special gift such as diamonds and star coins that can be used to play the MSP. It means, this game can be a helpful game to get more stuffs for free in MSP. Yes, you do not have to pay for every stuff you get from the Boonie Rescue.

There are some other Boonie games

What if we get bored on playing the Boonie Rescue? You do not have to worry about it. The Boonies are actually the savior of your MSP avatar. There are some other Boone games available. For example, you can play the Boonie Bounce that is just as cute as the Boonie Rescue. The Boonie games are great games for you who love playing games alone. Different from the MovieStarPlanet where you have to play together with your friends, the Boonie games can be great escapes to play the games alone. For you who love playing Movie Star Planet, the MSP Boonie rescue and the other Boonie games should be part of your game.

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