Easy Tips to Play Movie Star Planet


There maybe too many MovieStarPlanet tips available online. You do not need all those tips. You just need the easiest tips to not enjoy the game as well as to compete with the other gamer. One of the best and easiest tips to play MSP is to fashion up your avatar.

Make the best avatar

The first thing you have to really pay attention is to create the most attractive avatar ever. You need to choose a perfect avatar that is pretty. Though you can actually choose the fashion like the clothes or accessories for the avatar, it would be much better if you design your own style. It will make your avatar different and more attractive.

Make friends

Different from the other online games where you should really compete with the other gamer, the MovieStarPlanet is more kind of a game where you can make friends. So, you have to be nice to people in the game. The more friends you make in the game, the more exciting the game would be. When you are being too competitive, your friends maybe leave the game and it would be a boring game eventually. It would also be so nice if you are being helpful. It maybe not a popular tip, but it is the easy MovieStarPlanet tips to enjoy the game.

Be a VIP member

The more we play, the better skill we have. Though Movie Star Planet seems to be a simple mini game, this game actually requires you to exercise your skill especially in improving the room decoration and fashion. Unfortunately, it is a little bit difficult to keep playing since some features are locked. The easiest way to unlocked the features is to be a VIP member. To make a VIP membership you should purchase the VIP membership with real money. Or, you can also try to find the MovieStarPlanet Cheats to get the VIP membership for free. Both the types of VIP members would allow you special access to all features. For example, with the VIP membership you can get more clothes, fashion items, and room decorations.

MovieStarPlanet VIP membership

Lastly, you should enjoy the game. Most people found that the game is quite trivial at the first time, but when they start enjoying the MSP, it becomes really addictive. Do not forget to always check your device before playing. Some MovieStarPlanet tips cannot be applied to some old operating systems.