How To Get Starcoins and Diamonds for Free


Moviestarplanet Starcoins and DiamondAre you a crazy MovieStarPlanet player? You should look for some MSP tricks to get free starcoins and diamonds. It is a must for any MSP player to gain more starcoins and diamonds to purchase stuffs. Unfortunately, the game requires us to purchase a VIP membership with real money to get more diamonds and starcoins. There are a lot of online stores offers the VIP memberships. But, what if we want the membership without spending money? The answer is the MSP hack.

Look for the MSP hack tutorial

The first thing you have to do to get free starcoins and diamonds on Movie Star in Planet is to look for the hack tutorial. It is actions are actually pretty tricky. You just need to start with the Get Started button in the game. All you need to do is just to complete only the step 2 of the Authentication Process that will be appear on your screen automatically. Then, you are already in the MSP hack tools. Just look for the MovieStarPlanet membership span and resources. In this step, you need to look for the “Generate” button. Click the button, then you can enter the amount of starcoins and diamons you want to play the game. After completing these steps, you would have a VIP membership for free. To get the benefits, you have to login in with your new VIP membership.

Learn the VIP features

As you know are playing with VIP membership some new features will appear on the screen. The features are known as the VIP hack tools. If the hack tools do not appear, you maybe currently playing an old version of MSP. On the hack tools, you will find the SharpDownloads. It is the additional feature that would upgrade your game and link your account to the MSP Hack. It is the most important MSP trick. Through this feature you will get a lot of free star coins and diamonds.

What you get

Then, what will we get from the VIP membership? Of course, first we will get some free star coins and diamonds. So, we can purchase clothes and decoration for our avatar. In addition, we will also get a regular update to our systems. We will be informed about any malfunctions and errors at anytime. Some additional privileges also comes. We will get free star coins every 2 AM every day. That is why we should learn about the MSP VIP tricks.