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moviestarplanet for iphone

Have you ever tried MovieStarPlanet? You have to try the MovieStarPlanet for iPhone. Movie Star Planet is an online game that allows you to be famous and rich. Let’s meet a lot of people and have fun with this game.

About the game

To play Movie Star Planet, you should know about this game well. Basically, this game is created to give you a virtual place where you can create movies and appear with a great avatar you want. Different from the other game with similar features, the MovieStarPlanet allows us to choose any avatar to start the game. You are also allowed to design your own clothes and create amazing art. In this game you can also meet the cutest pet, Boonies.

Knowing the updates

To play the MovieStarPlanet for iPhone, you should also know the daily updates of the game. There are several updates you should check every day, such as the room decoration, taking care of your pet, cloth designs, and watching some Youtube Videos.

With regular updates, there is always some news on MovieStarPlanet. Here are some cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet:

  • Make new friends and CHAT in chat rooms
  • Your own room in
  • Care for your pet
  • Design Looks, Artbooks & Movies
  • Design your own clothing
  • View YouTube Videos
  • Play games

Install it on your iPhone

So, how to install the Movie Star Planet on your iPhone? There are several things you should consider. First, check out your iPhone. You have to make sure that your iPhone comes with at least operating system or OS 5.1.1. If your iPhone has later OS than 5.1.1 you should update your iPhone first. After that, you should also make sure that your iPhone is able to hold 98.6 MB for the application. You might have to delete some applications to provide extra memories if it is needed.

Second, choose the latest game version. In fact, there are more than one versions. It is suggested for you to choose the 19.3 version. It is the latest version of the MoviStarPlanet. In this version, the main features has been improved. This newest version also comes with more attractive chatting features. With the 19.3 Movie Star Planet you can easily join the chatting room while playing the game.

Third, choose the best language. Most people would automatically choose English as the language of the game. In fact, the game allows you to choose several languages such as English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and even the Traditional Chinese. By choosing the right language, it will be easier for you to learn the game and to make friends. The MovieStarPlanet for iPhone is not only an online game, it is also a great place to make friends.

Download MovieStarPlanet games on iPhone and Android

The boys and girls who demonstrate a great deal of creativity can unveil their talents to their community by making movies and sharing them. These are the most popular productions that will be rewarded with StarCoins, the currency of MovieStarPlanet. A guide to using allows every young surfer to understand the rules of the game, to immerse themselves in the social world in a few minutes, and start communicating with other boys and girls on the site.

The game has the advantage of being free and accessible to all children, however participants can pay a certain amount to evolve more quickly in the game or take advantage of additional features.
Moderators control the content and users on the platform, in order to ensure the smooth running of the game. MovieStarPlanet is playable on PC, and downloadable on the App Store and Play Store.

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